Amsterdam – a big city on a small surface and many visitors the whole year round. Booking your hostel, hotel, apartment or houseboat with Plan A takes away the headache of finding suitable accommodation for your group. Whether you are looking for a hostel or luxury star hotel, the long relationship we have with our hotels and our locally based expertise guarantee the best prices and quality.

We offer a wide range of centrally located accommodation for groups from as small as 6 people. No minimum nights and good quality is guaranteed. All of the hotels are tested and approved by our own accommodation experts. 

For availability suitable to your budget and taste please contact us on

Corendon Vitality Hotel

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Why Plan A?
  • Reliable event partner
  • 15 years experience on the event market
  • Unbeatable rates
  • Local experts
  • 24h emergency phone assistance during your client´s stay
  • Excellent service
  • We create great memories