Dance Workshops

Dance class-pole-dancing
It’s not just sexy, it’s art. It’s about the right combination of strength, technique, balance and sexiness. Always wanted to be able to do this? Go for a try out and get the hang of it!

Release the sexpot in you and visit our exclusive pole-dancing classes. Your group will receive a private lesson for two hours on the art of pole dancing from our experienced pole-dancing teacher.

Dance Class: Salsa class
Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to burn up the floor. Then it’s time to get jiggly with it and Salsa your heart out. This one’s really good fun for the ladies.

Plenty of time in this two hours dance class to dance as much as you can. You will learn so much salsa the right way with the help of the instructor. Get your salsa on and dance away!

Dance Class: Striptease workshop
Have fun at first and pay close attention to get it right. Cause when you do, you’ll drive him crazy!

If you fancy a real hot at your mate’s expense then this is the best activity of them all – to top it off, you’ll be able to drive your man crazy with your new moves when you get back home.

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