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From fun and sportive events, to cultural tours and original group activities, we offer a broad
selection of daytime activities to choose from.

No matter the reasons for you and your group to visit Amsterdam. Plan A is your local Dutch
solution for any fun and creative activity in and around the city.

Need some inspiration? Please check out some of our favourite activities below.

Ajax - Football stadium

This tour takes you through the highlights of the stadium including the changing rooms, pressroom and the Ajax Museum – and don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the trophies!

BBQ in the Park

We have created an unbeatable BBQ package in one of Amsterdam’s city parks. Your very own private chef will prepare 4 different types of meat for you.

Bike Tour

See Amsterdam from the Dutch angle with this relaxing and informative Bike Tour. It’s a great way to some traditional Dutch sights.

Blo Karten

Feel the wind! Be the wind! Let it guide you and your kart on the beach. Make as much speed as you can and outrace each other.

Bubble Football

Bounce! Fancy a sportive activity but with a good laugh? Bubble Football is an original and hilarious game.

Canal Cruise

With over a 150 canals and the majority of the city built below sea level, there really is no better way to see Amsterdam than from a private canal boat.


We are living in a world where we have to hide a lot of our feelings, which is not always easy. At CarSmash you get the chance to do something with this anger. 

Cheese Tasting

Say cheese! Cheese, Cheese and more cheese! But what is the difference? Can you tell? If you can’t, but you want to, you are in the right place. The Netherlands, the land of cheese. The place to be for a cheese tasting is right here.

Cocktail Workshop

Shake, Shake, Shake….and Done! You just made your own cocktail. During this workshop you will learn how to make several cocktails and you may drink them.

Escape Room

Can you get out in time? We dare you to escape from our escape room within 60 minutes!


Maybe Golf is too boring?  Or maybe you just like to try something else for a change? Let’s go play some footgolf then!

Heineken Experience

Smash a car into bits on a scrap yard on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Experience (wo)men’s heaven on a greasy car graveyard and enjoy the smell of destruction!

Highland Games

Release the beast in you and play this 4000 year old Scottish game. Don’t forget to bring your kilt. 

Go Karting

Let the driver in you take over control and beat your mates on Europe’s largest leading indoor gokart track.


Create a team, plan a strategy and complete your paintball mission in a 12.5 hectares forest on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt

What are the clues? Where do they lead to? What are the answers? Can you find out what is next and where the final clue leads you?

Shots Workshop

This round is on you! Start off with a drink and begin to prepare your own shots.

Sup Experience

Is it surfing with no waves? Is it canoeing on a surfboard? Nope, this is a unique activity in itself: Stand Up Paddling!

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